Who Is Hitomi?

Hitomi Akamatsu

Hitomi Akamatsu, BSC, BA, DiplMedSci, CHT is a practicing psychotherapist in Japan. In her quest to master remote viewing she has trained in CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing) with David Morehouse and Advanced SRV with Dr. Courtney Brown at the Farsight Institute. She attended the Voyager Course at the Monroe Institute. Her work on the God Particle session was produced during extensive advanced training with The Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild.

Akamatsu is the project manager of psychological counseling services for the reconstruction of Tohoku (Fukushima) in northeast Japan. She provides counseling and advice on alternative healthcare to survivors of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. She is also the international director of Physical and Mental Activation Therapy (PMAT) helping clients with Alzheimer's, Parkinsons disease, dementia and other age-related conditions. Akamatsu also helps children with disabilities by teaching alternative visions and extra senses.


Glenn Wheaton

Glenn Wheaton is a retired military remote viewer. As a member of the Green Berets, he worked for U.S. Army Special Forces Intelligence and was given commendations for his contribution to what was termed "special collection methods." in this video Wheaton provides fascinating insight into the remote viewing process and the work produced by Hitomi describing the Higgs Boson event.

Thomas Campbell

Physicist Thomas Campbell is the author of "My Big TOE" (Theory of Everything). He was involved with early consciousness research, helping the development of protocols and engineering at the famed Monroe Institute. In "Hitomi and The God Particle" he provides amazing insight into the possible nature of consciousness.

Dick Allgire

Dick Allgire is a veteran journalist, an award-winning television news anchor, producer and reporter. He is also one of the leading figures in the remote viewing world. Allgire has given ground-breaking presentations at international conferences on the subject of remote viewing. His remote viewing work has been highlighted in peer review scientific journals. Allgire managed the project that produced the Higgs-Boson session, and he produced the video.

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